Portslade history trail

1000 years of history in a one mile walk


This free, fun history trail is centred on the Portsalde conservation area. There are 14 locations, each with their own video giving a brief history of each location. Learn about the 11th century Manor House, the award winning Victorian brewery and how Portslade was once home to the rich and famous. Click on the link below to take you to the website, or view the history trailer on the you tube video below.


The Portslade Rich list. 

Portslade has - and still is - home to some wealthy people. Musicians, actors, successful business people. But a multi-billionaire, considered one of the richest people of all time? Watch and find out in our top five list.


The top five famous and influential people of Portslade

Portslade has had its fair-share of famous residents. Actors, sports stars, musicians and business leaders. But a Prime Minister!? Check-out our Portslade top five famous and influential list.

The top five villians of Portslade

The top five villains of Portslade, dating from 1390 to 1945. Treason, murder, beer wars and unscrupulous dealings - and they didn't even make the top spot!

The life of a Lord, the perils of a Portslade peasant.

Ever wonder what it is like to be a Lord of the Manor? Or are you more concerned about the perils of being a peasant in Portslade during the medieval period? Watch the video, and then you can choose